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Welcome to Campaign Headquarters!
From here you can keep track of all the available group builds currently going on with our members. We have used the term campaign, rather than group build, because we want to encourage users both to start and finish their group projects. To further encourage this each user who completes a campaign will recieve a campaign ribbon. Each ribbon is unique and will display on your profile page. If you are interested in starting a Campaign please read the guidelines first via the link below.

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Active Campaigns

Now Recruiting!       Campaign In-progress
SectionsCampaign TitleScalesStart DateFinish DateEnlisted   
Trumpeter Mk.5
Any Scale2018-12-012019-10-3142
Big Cats VI
1:6 to 1:7002019-03-012019-12-0129
Hot Out of the Molds 2019
1:1200 to 1:62019-01-012020-01-0118
Garage Queens 2019 Group Build
1:6 to 1:12002019-01-012019-12-3113
Blue Oval - Ford Motor Company Vehicles
1:32 to 1:62019-10-012020-03-3123
Bundeswehr 2020
1:1200 to 1:62020-05-012020-11-1222
NAVY BOYS on those Postage Stamps
1:1200 to 1:62019-10-012020-10-0117
Sci-Fi and What-If VI
1:1200 to 1:62019-10-012020-04-0120